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Maintenance & warranty brand conception

Maintenance and warranty

Maintenance of coated surfaces

Thermosetting powders, as the majority of organic materials, do need the observation of some basic precautions to maintain their original aspect ratio.

Consequently, cleaning of soiling on painted surfaces must be done scrupulously respecting following principles:

  • > Do not use abrasives, clean with a soft cloth.
    > Do not use aggressive products such as solvent or alkaline cleaner. Clean with water or soapy water.

To apply 10 years warranty, we recommend a maintenance regular:

Once a year for interior use (office, shop, school, hotel,...).

  • 2 times a year for rural areas.
  • 3 times a year for urban areas.
  • 4 times a year for seaside areas.

Reparation in case of damage: The damage to the coating should be repaired as quickly as possible.


  • > A 10 year warranty, results of tests conform to the Qualimarine requirements.
  • > A 10 year warranty on painted surfaces against cracking, blistering and UV resistance.
  • > A 10 year warranty, make a specific request to BRAND CONCEPTION for all installations <5 km from the coast.
  • > A 10 year warranty if a regular maintenance has been respected.
  • > A 10 year warrant, do not a use high pressure cleaner.
  • > A 10 year warranty, only use stainless steel screws to fix the products.
Excluded from the 10 year warranty: Marker, tape, cutting, drilling, touch up, abrasion, impact, deformation, chemical attack...

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